About Us

Scenery Solutions Global Limited

To facilitate economic growth and sustainable development and to create business prosperity for all, through entrepreneurship and partnership.


Scenery Solutions Global Limited is a multifaceted multinational company duly registered and operational in Nigeria, South Africa,  Zambia, Ghana, Mali and Burkina Faso Over the years, the company evolved into a formidable group with vested interest in diversified industries such as Due Diligence and Election Monitoring, Facility Management, Information Technology, Security Consulting/Training, Project Management, and Consultancy Services.

The establishment coordinates the group activities by engendering partnerships between stakeholders in the industries we operate in, especially in the specialized service delivery sector. Our landmark achievements are not attainable in isolation; they were accomplished by visionary and exemplary leadership that has the support of a committed workforce. Since inception, we have resolved to make regulatory standards the bare minimum, we go above and beyond the compliance directives to establish lofty standards that set us apart in all the industries where we operate.

We established the Scenery Solutions Global Limited brand values that run across the fiber of our organization and has become the lifeline of our existence. These values have resulted in a commitment to quality service delivery which is unprecedented in the sectors where we operate. All our international corporations leverage the existing lofty standards of Scenery Solutions Global Limited convergence to attain well-deserved leadership in their respective industries.

In tandem with our goals to build wealth and foster development in our host communities, we continue to invest and foster partnerships in public and private sectors to achieve our development objectives.


The foundation of our company is built on integrity, honesty, and the ethics of professional service,


We embrace innovation towards the delivery of our products and services to benefit our clients.


We strive to open new frontiers of excellence in all the sectors where we do our business.


Our management philosophy relies on drawing talent, models, and ideas from a global pool.


Our services are driven by a desire for adding value to our clients, stakeholders, and the larger society.


All our products and services are designed to provide exceptional value for our customers.