Due Diligency & Election Monitoring

Due Diligence and Election Monitoring


Scenery Solutions Global is a professional services firm providing a distinctive range of services with an emphasis on verification, due diligence, and investigations. We offer our expert services in appropriate interventions. Our aim is to provide policymakers and organizations with useful data that can be used as a tool for national development by conducting and promoting research into areas where development is lacking.

We take pride in providing unmatched level of services with the main objective of exceeding our client’s needs and expectations, both in terms of service delivery and in the manner we continuously and dynamically modify our processes to suit the changing needs of our esteemed clients.


Scenery Solutions Global aims to establish itself as the premier and go-to independent source for expert research, qualitative and quantitative advice on verification, due diligence, investigation as well as education consulting and election monitoring.


To be strategically positioned by filling a void that makes Scenery Solutions Global as the “go-to” source for in-depth analysis that results in solutions to Nigeria’s local and broader national concerns. This will be accomplished through policy debates, research programs, centers, initiatives, seminars, and conferences focused on correcting Nigeria’s negative developmental trends.

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The quickest way to access global investigative data

The first single-stop website created to make it easier to find and manage data, information, and due diligence throughout the globe.

Designed for teams doing due diligence and investigations

We know the challenges and potential friction posed by obtaining local intelligence worldwide. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming, or expensive. Now a tech-enabled service completes all of your background checks and research at scale.


Access a comprehensive range of due diligence and investigations projects and tasks through the platform, including:

  • Fact finding and research
  • Election monitoring, studies and research

Key Features

  • Workflows that is simple and effective for both novice and seasoned users.
  • Utilize a scope builder with machine learning to automate your workflows for doing due diligence and investigations.
  • Adhere to international best standards and automatically follow regional data collection regulations in established workflows.
  • Capability for project management, audits, and budget reviews.
  • Configurable for complex or distinctive multi-jurisdictional data and intelligence demands.
  • To streamline analysis and scalability procedures, utilize standardized reporting for hundreds of global data streams.


Let the data find you

Access our platform API for specialized integrations if a customer wants to stay within their current ecosystem.

Scenery Solutions Global’s API streamlines this approach in your own environment, whether it’s a single data point on hundreds of organizations or subjects or an escalated due diligence report on a third party.

 Configurable, even at scale

Learn how our API offers a streamlined and effective single point of access to our diligence and investigations platform.


Our API delivers optimum efficiency as the entry point to more than 1500 intelligence sources across more than 200 countries, enabling you to streamline your research procedures and save critical time. Other advantages comprise

  • Increased efficiency

With a time-saving API, ease the pains of large-scale worldwide research.

  • Hassle-free integration

Take advantage of seamless integration with the help of a committed developer team, if necessary.

  • Secure data transfer

The platform and API enable the highest level of data protection by design.


An industry-first approach to pricing in over 200 jurisdictions, your due diligence, and investigations processes have never been simpler.


Scenery Solutions Global also observes and monitors election processes in Nigeria. We accomplish this by verifying the voter roll, monitoring complaint process, media monitoring, and documenting incidents of intimidation and human rights abuses.


We know how complex global investigative research is and the headache it can create for due diligence and investigations teams. It doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive or time-consuming. It’s time for a new approach.

Scenery Solutions Global has become our go-to platform: intuitive and easy to use while not compromising on security and confidentiality.

Scenery Solutions Global Advantage:


Expand your international research capability. Truly global investigative data, by design. Access a curated and vetted community of world-class investigators and data sources in over 200 jurisdictions.


Simplify your workflows

From a single data point to thousands, manage your due diligence and investigations efficiently and with maximum transparency.


Let the tech power your process. Improve your research methodology and have greater confidence in your data through our transparent tech-enabled solution. Achieve maximum GDPR compliance and keep your data safe.