Security Consulting, Training, Security Equipment and Supply

There is a saying; ‘your heart lies where your treasure lies’. Securing your heart by securing your treasure is what we excel at. Seeing as a stitch in time saves nine, nothing can be left to chance. Let us make that stitch for you. With our team of professional and well-trained security personnel, as well as skilled experts in various fields such as cyber-security, risk assessments, damage control etc., we provide security at very affordable rates. It is a priority for us to ensure you get more for less. Our services also include training individuals, groups and company employees on safety practices, both in workspaces and field operations, thereby empowering them with the right knowledge on how to act and react in hostile situations. We are not limited to the aforementioned as we are also distributors of high-quality security equipment such as cameras, scanners, alarm systems, motion detectors etc.


Due Diligence and Election Monitoring

Scenery Solutions Global is a professional services firm providing a distinctive range of services with an emphasis on verification, due diligence, and investigations. We offer our expert services in appropriate interventions. Our aim is to provide policymakers and organizations with useful data that can be used as a tool for national development by conducting and promoting research into areas where development is lacking.

We take pride in providing unmatched level of services with the main objective of exceeding our client’s needs and expectations, both in terms of service delivery and in the manner we continuously and dynamically modify our processes to suit the changing needs of our esteemed clients.

Project Management, Consulting, Construction and Engineering Services

Our team of professionals (both local and expatriate) are guaranteed to provide you with the best form of service in the following sectors; Project Management, Consulting, Construction and Engineering. Our team of professionals range from experts in various fields to handymen and craftsmen. We engage in construction of roads, bridges, buildings, industries etc. We pride ourselves not only in the quality of our services but also in the satisfaction we provide our clients.


Green and Alternative Energy/Power

Clean energy is a reality; a reality that only we can provide you at little or no cost. As an organization we are not only concerned with giving you the best services, we also take into consideration your overall wellbeing, inclusive of your environment. Our passion to provide a healthy environment, devoid of air and noise pollution, has nudged us into green and alternative power supply as well as the distribution of renewable energy sources. Needless to say, we have over time, established a standard of excellence. We distribute and install solar energy devices, biogas, geothermal, and other low-impact hydroelectric sources, providing our clients with both steady electricity and a clean atmosphere.

Facility Management

Everyone thrives in serenity and that includes you. Regardless of age, race or status, no one is averse to comfort which is why we have made it one of our core responsibilities, to create a secure, healthy and comfortable environment for our clients. In performing this, we have assembled and can provide a credible team of experts who will ensure the systems of your environment and facilities, work harmoniously to your taste. This is important because we aim to ensure that the places in which our clients work, play, learn and live are safe and exhibit the demanded ambience. We are here to provide you with productive and sustainable facility management systems.


Information Technology (IT) Services

The importance of networking, communication, data storage and retrieval in any organization cannot be over-emphasized. That is why we saddle ourselves with the responsibility of providing you and your organization with apex level IT Services. We undauntedly ensure the smooth operation and functioning of our clients’ Information Systems. Our IT Services include: On Demand IT, Network Setup, Network Security, Data Base Management, Cloud Computing, Software Support amongst others.